Design Repair & Restoration of Stained Glass.


Stained Glass commissions in Oxon, Hants & London

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I have been designing, repairing and restoring stained glass for over twenty years. Using traditional methods, keeping the craft alive, designing panels which work stylistically with the architecture of which they are a part.

When designing I like to work closely with clients to create panels with them. Together we work from initial ideas through to colour schemes and types of glass and surface application. I endeavour to give clients a window they  a enjoy as an important part of their home and has been borne from our creative collaboration.

For example, the tall panel in this photograph was designed to allow the changing scenery to interact with the colours in the glass. The clients wanted to be able to enjoy the view in the stairway but also maintain a degree of privacy. The colour scheme interacts with the changing seasons and the scenery.


When restoring panels I endeavour to recreate the glass as close to its original state as possible. I will often source glass from donor panels of the same age in order to achieve a colour and texture match.


The panel above had to be completely rebuilt after an accident, as you can see I matched the glass with other glass of the same period and the piece is now refitted and good for another 100 years.

Another option I use is to take old, original panels and incorporate them into a scheme. For example for one client in London I used three Victorian windows the same as the one below, rebuilt and resized them.


Then they were fitted into her hallway, I like the idea that theses panels will now live on and be enjoyed.


Stained glass is part of the architecture of a building, therefore, although I do enjoy design contemporary bespoke panels, if a building has a strong architectural identity I aim to work with this. It is my intention to create pieces which have the feel of originality with a subtle twist.


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